Transition to and from our school

Transition to St Mary Magdalene's

Every parent wants their child to be a happy, safe, successful learner.

Our Transition program from Kindy or Child Care to Reception will give them the best start in achieving this.

The transition program begins after your child's enrolment is confirmed and you have formally accepted the enrolment offer.  One of our teachers will visit your child's Kindy or Child Care Centre. The teacher will see your child at work and play, and discuss the learning requirements of your child with the Kindy or Child Care Director.

Following this, you will be notified of dates and times for your child’s transition visits to school.  On your child’s first visit, you will be expected to attend a Parent Induction session with School Leadership. 

If your child is transferring from another school it is important to inform the Principal of that school.  An individual transition program is negotiated with parents/carers.

Transition to Secondary School

St Mary Magdalene's School is a Reception to Year 6 school keeping in line with other Catholic Schools in South Australian.

Our graduates attend a variety of local secondary schools including Thomas More College, St Columba College, Xavier College, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, St Aloysius College, St Paul's College and Gleeson College.

Although St Mary Magdalene graduates are assured a place in a Catholic College, it is important to enrol your child as soon as possible to secure the school of your choice.

To ensure a smooth transition from primary to secondary school, your child's teacher will meet with the Catholic Secondary School teachers throughout the year to share information about your child's learning and their needs.

Secondary Schools invite enrolled students to a Transition Day usually held towards the end of Term 4.