St Mary Magdalene's School Community Hub


St Mary Magdalene’s School Community Hub focusses on connection and community to bring people together to learn, grow and share. Situated in the heart of the Elizabeth area, our Community Hub services a diverse community including First Nations people, refugee and migrant families. Supporting these communities and helping instil a lifelong love of learning in children and parents is the cornerstone of the Hub.

The Community Hub’s core focus is creating a safe space for our families and wider community to learn new skills, meet new people and feel connected to each other. Supporting our families is so important to us because it helps children and parents to prepare for formal schooling and higher education by developing important language skills.

Supporting parents to better understand the early years learning needs of their children and engage with education in meaningful ways is key to building a strong, engaged community. We provide English language programs, playgroup and social programs to help support all of our families, especially those whose first language is not English. Helping families form strong social connections through our school community and hub has benefits for children, teachers and the wider community.

We all thrive in a diverse and culturally stimulating environment. Encouraging people from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds to be part of our community, enriches the lives of us all and helps us produce more tolerant, more sympathetic and more understanding young people.

St Mary Magdalene’s School Community Hub is a place of social inclusion and celebrates diversity while uplifting families.

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English Language Support: We offer a needs-based language program that will evolve and grow as our hub does. 

Little Maggie’s Playgroup: We focus on nurturing children’s natural curiosity and love of play to provide core skills that will serve them throughout their schooling life. Our playgroup is anchored in play-based learning programs providing a range of opportunities for children to gain vital development skills. The program integrates the development of fine motor skills, literacy, numeracy, speech development, social skills, cognitive growth and creativity through play-based learning. The Little Maggie’s educators worry about the skills development and let our students delight in the joy of play.

Social and Skills GroupsWe offer a range of social groups with a focus on support, friendship and sometimes self-discovery. You can come along to any of our sessions and be involved as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Our skills programs are designed to provide you with to tools to learn new skills while feeling connected and supported.

If you would like to visit our Community Hub please contact Community Hub Leader, Kerryn Chambers on 0437 609 976 or email 

The SMM Community Hub is located at St Mary Magdalene's School, 82 Fairfield Road, Elizabeth Grove SA 5112.