School Board

The St Mary Magdalene School Board facilitates school policy and direction (education, resource, infrastructure and spiritual). Their role is to support the Principal in managing educational change through an advisory, consultative and decision making capacity.

The Board works within the South Australian Commission for Catholic Schools (SACCS) Policies and Catholic Education South Australia (CESA) policies.   Decision making is premised on the question: 'How will this decision benefit student learning?'

Membership comprises elected and appointed members who work in partnership with staff, students and families.  Parents who wish to be a part of the School Board are invited to find out more about the process from the Principal.

For more information on school boards, visit the Catholic Education South Australia School Boards website.

School Board Members 2024

The School Board is comprised of:

  • Fr Santosh Pereira, President
  • Chris Platten, Principal
  • Peter Mercer, Acting Head of School
  • Melissa Musolino, APRIM
  • Michelle Menadue, Staff Representative
  • Shirley Veale, Chairperson
  • Jessica Walters, Parent Representative
  • Jamie McCafferty, Parent Representative
  • Stephen Howell, Parent Representative