Student Wellbeing

We know and understand that for children to be the best learner that they can possibly be, their wellbeing needs to be ‘in balance’.

Wellbeing has to do with meeting children’s basic needs.  When children’s basic needs are not met, their body, thinking and social emotional state may become ‘out of balance’ and negatively impact their learning.   

We teach students about what happens to their brain when they are out of balance and how to self-regulate their behaviour. 

We know that children’s feelings matter. Developing emotional skills is crucial to the way that a child learns to cope with the world and has a lasting impact on their mental health, wellbeing and learning.

The 'Finding Balance Guide' is a chart used as a tool to help children identify when they are out of balance and what might need to happen to help them find balance.

"I am grateful for the kindness, understanding and happiness that this school gives to me and my children. I am proud to send my children to St Mary Magdalene’s School."

- Hiryti -