Learning & Wellbeing

At St Mary Magdalene's, our aim is to help every child to thrive in their learning.

We believe that:

  • All children learn
  • Children learn in a social context
  • Children are active protagonists of their own learning
  • Children construct meaning through experience
  • Children learn in different ways
  • Learning is developmental
  • Learning is a lifelong journey

These beliefs about learning are informed by the research and theories originally developed by Lev Vygotsky (Social Constructivism) and Loris Malaguzzi (Reggio Emilia).

Children learn best when

They feel safe and happy

They can access the curriculum

They take responsibility for their learning

Tasks are rigorous, relevant and engaging

Choice, risk taking, negotiation and questioning is involved

Resources are readily available and accessible

They reflect on and articulate their thinking processes

They are challenged, supported and receive constructive feedback

Learning is shared and celebrated